The Handover: Downtime Edition

First, I evidently suck at posting regularly.  School and home commitments have taken up a lot of my free time lately.  I guess that’s going to be my life for the next year or so.

This is also my first post for The Handover, a blog carnival where us EMS folk do posts on a topic posed by that month’s host, throw them all in the pot ‘o blog and compare each other’s musings.  I love this idea and I hope to participate more as I’m able.  Actually, I just hope I can post more in general but that’s another story.

Downtime in EMS is a valued commodity indeed.  Some services don’t get much of it at all but I’m blessed in that our call volume generally allows us some rest between calls.  I would suppose that most of my activities during downtime would be pretty average.

First, anyone who works with me notices first that I’m constantly surfing the net on my phone.  I have an iPhone and it’s an awesome Internet enabled phone (but as popular as they are, I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that).  Some of my favorite sites to surf are the usual social networking sites and I’m sure you can do the math on that.  However, there’s a site that I frequent that you may not be familiar with and it’s name is Fark.  Drew Curtis runs this news aggregate site and it’s truly amazing to see the stories that the users submit and that ultimately make it to the main page.  Even better than that would have to be the comments that the users of the site make about the links that are posted.  It’s just something you have to experience in order to fully understand so I hope that you’ll check it out.  I also text.  A lot.  Just ask my wife, she sees my cell phone bill usually before I do.

Aside from that, I seem to spend a lot of my downtime with my nose in my A&P textbook and class notes.  I’m taking both I and II over the summer and each class is four weeks.  Needless to say, it’s a lot of work and it’s quick.  Really it’s probably a lot like trying to pack five pounds of (manure) into a one pound bag but it’s working (so far!).  I actually somewhat enjoy it.  As much work as it’s been, I have enjoyed learning more about the human body and how it works.  My coworkers tease me, especially if I’m taking a break from studying, and tell me to get my butt back into the books but they really are being supportive.  Hopefully the citizens of the county will be just as supportive on my next shift and let me study!

Aside from that, I’ll watch TV, walk around my immediate area, call my wife or just do whatever I can think of at the moment.  We’re not allowed to go to our sleep rooms during the day so napping really isn’t an option (unless we ran a lot the night before – they want us to get at least six hours of sleep per 24 hour period).  However, keep in mind that I work at a hospital-based service so we often are helping with other things around the ED and such when we’re available.  I actually like it.  I can promise you there’s never a dull moment in our ED.

So that’s my downtime in a nutshell.  It may not be as awesome as some but it’s mine and I enjoy it.  If nothing else, maybe I’ll turn you into a Farker via this post.

Rural EMT-B


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