About Rural EMT-B

I’m a rookie NREMT-B in a rural setting.  For my full time job I work at a hospital based EMS and I also volunteer with my local fire department.  There aren’t many blogs out there with the prospective that I hope to present: That of a “baby” EMT in a rural setting.  Although I’ve not been an EMT long, I’m also planning to enroll in paramedic school.  I’m also among a newer generation of EMS folks who want to see a change in our profession.  You will be seeing a lot of these ideas presented throughout this blog.  So sit back, pop open a beverage of your choice (I’ll have a Coke, thank you) and read the tales of the Rural EMT-B.


One Response

  1. Hi found your blog and like it i myself am days away from starting an emt-b course also in hopes of taking that further and becoming a paramedic i will come back often

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